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I created a slave training guide (for free and for print) to help others who are interested in training and being trained in the arts of service. I no longer believe in 24/7 D/s; however, I do believe it can be rewarding and enjoyable either in *moments of time* or for those who can manage to do it in a healthy way.

I'm not the type of person to pass judgement on what people do. I'm the type of person to share my experiences, joys and heartaches with others so that people might profit from my success and failure.

"In the end, teaching is a matter not of method but of heart. Therefore, the most decisive factor is the teachers personality. His enthusiastic concern with the student's growth counts more than how much he knows. It is well known that "the teacher is always right," but rarely does this fact elicit respect or sympathy; even less often does it prove competence and authority." Joseph Albers

"Besides good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers." Joseph Albers

FREE COPY (no printing): Without adieu, here is your (version 3) free slave training guide in Acrobat .pdf format - it opens in the same window! Download Acrobat Reader, to view this document, if you do not already have it installed! If you want a copy for printing, follow instructions below.

FOR PRINT COPY (printing on): DO NOT ask for a printed copy unless you intend to support the site! If you wish to print the guide, please ask for permission and I will personalize a copy for you. I'm not accepting payment for the guide; however, it would be really nice if I received a book from my wishlist or if you got an item from the shop as a *thank you* for the site!


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