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The following quizzes are for entertainment purposes only and gives one an opportunity to open dialogue with friends and partner(s). The results may or may not be correct. Also, we can have every *type* of personality within us - there just tends to be stronger elements that shine more than others. The results below are mine after I created the questions and results - I didn't know what I would get but these seem about right. :-)

eye bottom/sub

Eye Bottom - You like to bottom or sub to your

What's your flavour? Are you a sub, dom, switch or vanilla?
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Nurturer Dominant
Nurturer! You are the type of dominant that likes
to smother your partner with lots of cuddles
and kisses. People can see you as warm,
attentive and understanding. Your partner feels
cherished and loved.

What Type of Dom are You?
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Kitty Kat Sub/Bottom
Kitty Kat! You are the type of sub/bottom that can
test the dominant/top. You tend to be
rebellious, analytical, independant,
intellectual and need a firm hand. Some
people think you are a dominant/top and you
just might be one. Have you considered
switching? :-) You are fun to play with and a

What Type of Sub/Bottom are You?
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Personality and BDSM

Over the years I have done a lot of research on personality and self awareness - even taking a few college courses on the subject.

Recently (again) I mulled over the "true colours personality sorter" and how a submissive and dominant could fit in to that. I know a lot of people strongly dislike "labelling" but I have always found labelling to be helpful within an exploratory sense and for "quick information" you might cull from the label. It is definitely NOT the be all and end all to a person. :)

So do you think that it might be helpful to know what type of dom or sub we have on our hands? :)

(true colours test)

(general personality sorters)

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